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FFS West Ham, this isn't charming

Another week, another defeat. That's five loses out of the last six games which is awful form but its the way we are losing which is the most worrying. No pattern, no plan, no passion (against Spurs!) and never looking likely to win. Totally gutless! The scoreline was flattering for us, with Spurs, who are not a good team, never really getting out of second gear to beat us.

In previous posts I have defended both Pellegrini and Roberto but now I'm firmly in the camp of wanting these guys out. Pellegrini has clearly lost the plot. Chasing the game and he brings on Sanchez! Some may argue that we scored two after Sanchez came on but that has more to do with Spurs winding down. As for Roberto, he inspires no confidence, punches when he should catch, TRIES to catch when he should punch and is too slow to react. Some of his saves look spectacular but they are TV saves which any decent keeper would catch. After his previous performances, why did Pellegrini pick him. The guy's confidence is clearly shot to pieces and he is not the answer. Surely Martin or one of the youngsters would be a better option. Roberto either has compromising pictures of Pellegrini, is a world beater in training or Martin is truly awful. If the latter, then our scouting team has a lot to answer for.

However, we also need to look at other players.

  • Anderson seems to spend the whole game hogging the touchline, which must be the instructions he is following. But bottling out of tackles, that it something no Irons fan will accept and it was no surprise when he was replaced by Antonio for the start of the second half.

  • Diop seems to have gone backwards after a great season last term. Maybe the continuous changing of his defensive partner doesn't help but he seems to be so off the pace and was bullied out of the way for the third goal by Kane.

  • Yarmolenko has gone off the boil after being left out after the international break before last. Before this he was on fire. Seems very one pace.

  • Haller seems to spend matches sulking and very rarely gets in front of his man when the rare crosses come in. In his defence, we don't seem to be playing to his strength. He clearly thrives in a front two, which is not Pellegrinis game plan. In which case, why did we sign him if he doesn't fit the plan. It was no surprise that he improved in the second half when Antonio was his partner, but not enough for me.

So next up we visit a very in form Chelsea and we all fear the result here. Will Pellegrini still be in charge. It seems likely. Will we get anything from the game. Probably a good shafting. Am I bothered. It's a struggle at the moment.

Meanwhile the "who replaces Pellegrini" debate is now in full flow. Names in the frame so far are Benitez, Dyche, Howe, Pochettino, Hughton, Kovac and Parker. The silly season has also seen Joe Cole added to this list, absolutely laughable. My preference would be Dyche. Probably not the obvious choice as he is renowned for fielding uncompromising teams with very little flair. However, he will certainly get the players fighting for the badge. If not, they will soon be shown the door and thats what we need right now, not a charming man.


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